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If you have ever dreamed of catching a barramundi, here is your chance. Contact us for the ultimate fishing experience of a lifetime with our barramundi fishing tours. Here at West Kimberley Fishing Tours, we have an excellent guide who will take you out in the local creeks in order to find the barramundi you have come for. Our guide is highly trained and experienced with barra fishing which means you stand an excellent chance of catching fish yourself. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is, we will be able to help everyone from the beginner to the expert catch the barra they have been seeking.


Since Jeff is an expert and has been catching barra for many years, he is the perfect guide when you want to experience catching this game fish for yourself. These barramundi fishing charters are fun, exciting and a wonderful way to bond with a mate or family member. Couples find that these tours are an excellent way to celebrate an anniversary trip or they are perfect for bringing along older children who love fishing just as much as you do.

Before booking your barramundi fishing tour with someone else, remember that we will always take you away from the crowds in order to find the largest and most active barra. When there is a lot of competition around, which happens with our competitors, it will be more difficult to catch the barra. Contact us today for a remarkable barramundi fishing tour in Kimberley.



West Kimberly Fishing Tours offers Barramundi Fishing and Sport Fishing Tours in Broome.
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